Welcome to the 800th episode of the Richard Crouse Show. Today, we’re getting nostalgic. I’ll have a look back at my favorite moments from 216,000 seconds and 800 episodes of the show.

Slash from Guns ‘N Roses talk about how his parents gave him a love of horror movies; show business legend Ann Margaret tells us how she got the nickname Slugger; Hugh Jackman reveals how he overcame his fear, onstage and off; Jodie Foster tells me about how she chooses the movies she wants to make; Eric McCormack talks about what he learned from his every first play, when he was in grade one; Malcolm McDowell on life as an actor; Michael Caine talks about being an icon and much, much more.

Some of these interviews were done in studio, many of them were done in hotel rooms in lots of different cities, and at least one of them was done in the back of a cab. The thing that binds them all is great conversation and hopefully, some insight into the lives of the people you know from television, movies, music or literature.