Richard Crouse - Booze & Reviews for February 4


Richard joins Jim to provide his reviews for "Scream", "Jackass Forever", and "The King's Daughter", then schools him on the Shirley Temple, the OG mocktail.

  • Canadian History EhX with Craig Baird -

    1. George Woolf, born in Alberta on May 31, 1910. Legendary jockey who even rode Seabisquit to victory.


    2. Figured I would talk about how Ontario got its name. Not a long segment but a lot of people liked my thread on how the provinces got their names.


    3. The sinking of the Empress of Ireland, happened on May 29, 1914 in the St. Lawrence. Over 1,000 people died in what is called Canada's Titanic. Not well known these days.


  • Richard Crouse has Jet lag; and wants an explainer!

    GUEST: Dr. Mitch Shulman - NEWSTALK Tonight Chief Medical Correspondent