Saturday's with Ted - October 17th, 2020 - Carmi Levy


 Carmi Levy, Tech Analyst

  • June 17 - The Jamil Jivani Show - Hour 1

    Rant - Here's what forgiveness means to me   & ‘It’s evil’: An inside look at the disturbing allegations against Montreal-based Pornhub, accused of trafficking humans and exploiting children in new lawsuit  & The latest on Bill C-10 - is there any hope that this will all be shut down?  GUEST: Michael Geist - Canada research chair in internet and e-commerce law at the University of Ottawa
  • June 17 - The Jamil Jivani Show - Hour 2

    Thursday night debate: is Doug Ford invoking the notwithstanding clause bad for democracy or standing up for democracy?  GUESTS: Daniel Tencer - Independent journalist and contributor to The Line  Ben Woodfinden - Doctoral candidate at McGill University, Contributor to The National Post and The Hub  & Throwback Thursday - On June 15, 1994, my favourite film was released