Sept 20 - Friday Roundtable



Matt Cauz, co-host of the "Macko and Cauz" podcast and host of the "Matt Talks Wine and Stuff with Interesting People" podcast.


Jon Burnside, former Toronto City Councillor, former Toronto Police Officer, and Business owner

They talk Trudeau's scandal, the safety of Yonge & Dundas, Alexa's involvement with the election and more!

  • Dosist Interview

    Guest: Gunner Winston. CEO, Dosist.

  • Jerry Agar Round Table October 17

    Guests: Debbie Hutton - Former senior advisor to Premiers Harris and Eves. Part-time communications consultant, Jon Burnside – Entrepreneur and former Toronto city councillor and Zoltan Horcsok - Principal with North Sound Investments. Part-time musician and recording engineer.


    Jerry’s 908 Commentary – The people protesting the library don’t seem to realize they are the bad guys!