Thad Cockrell + Kim Echlin + True Crime Panel


On this week's Richard Crouse Show Podcast we meet singer, songwriter Thad Cockrell who was about to throw in the towel on his music career when Jimmy Fallon chanced upon one of his songs and changed his life. He’s now a number one selling artists with a great story.  Then, Kim Echlin, the award author of the new Bosnian war themed novel "Speak, Silence," stops by to discuss the book and offer tiups for writers. We wrap with a panel, journalist Kevin Donovan author of “Billionaire Murders,” Kristi Lee, host of CDN true crime podcast “Canadian True Crime” and Michael Arntfield, a former detective/ writer, producer, and consultant for the true crime series “To Catch a Killer,” who aim to answer the question of why we enjoy true crime stories.  

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