The Perfect Weekend, COVID Time Capsule and Jeffery Toobin Back on CNN


We start by playing Jim's singing from last week. What's in the perfect weekend? Excercise, time with friends and more! Jeffery Toobin is back on CNN after being caught masturbating during a zoom meeting. What will you have left from COVID? What would go into the time capsule for COVID? Words people can't spell.    

  • Eat This With Lianne: Intermittent Fasting (Ep 80)

    When you hear the word "fasting", what do you equate it with? What about intermittent fasting? It's definitely a buzz word in the health world and it may not be for you...but we would wager that you have already fasted every single day!  Your body, and your digestive system taking a break is a very important thing. So, on this episode of Eat This With Lianne, we'll tackle how Intermittent Fasting can be one way to seriously impact your health in a very good way.