The Richard Crouse Shjow Podcast with Johnny Sweet M Leona Godin Eric Bauza - 2021-07-08, 5.38 PM


This week on the Richard Crouse Show director Johnny Sweet joins us from Queens, New York. Johnny is a filmmaker and director who watched his industry come to a halt in the early days of the pandemic, and then turned his eye to another industry… the bar business. His new film asks a question… What happens if the entire bar industry in New York City is laid off in a single day? His film “Last Call : The Shutdown of NYC Bars” explores the social and economic impact of COVID-19 on the NYC hospitality industry. Then, we meet M. Leona Godin, author of “There Plant Eyes: A Personal and Cultural History of Blindness.” Godin—who began losing her vision at age ten—illuminates the often-surprising history of both the condition of blindness and the myths and ideas that have grown up around it over the course of generations. She combines an analysis of blindness in art and culture with a study of the science of blindness and key developments in accessibility to paint a vivid personal and cultural history. Finally, we’ll meet Eric Bauza. He is a Canadian voice actor, who is just the seventh person ever to voice Bugs Bunny on screen. You’ll soon be able to hear him do Daffy Duck, and many other voices in “Space Jam: A New Legacy” which comes to theatres soon! We’ll catch up with him and find out how Mr. DressUp out him on the road to working with the Looney Tunes!