What can previous disasters tell us about the response to COVID 19, and what needs to be done?


We talk to Scott Gabriel Knowles, Drexel University, Professor and Head, Department of History​ about this.

  • June 22 - The Jamil Jivani Show - Hour 3

    P.E.I. lists requirements for “PEI Pass”, security experts are worried the website could be a hotspot for hackers & What do Canadians think about having people of another race as a next door neighbour?  & Conan O'Brien ends his long run on TV on Thursday night - here's a tribute to his very funny show  & Dueling Guitars: Neil Young vs Jimmy Page 
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    Rant - I'm dog sitting today and I hope it goes better than last time & California will pay all unpaid rent & I have some thoughts on this new study about diversity in Canada and who thinks we're all racist