What makes a person resilient and what can we learn from them? How one woman started a podcast about her experience


We talk to ​Janet Fanaki - Founder of Resilient People

  • Feb 25 - The Jamil Jivani Show - Hour 2

    Trump to speak at CPAC in first public appearance since leaving White House GUEST: Jai Chabria - Managing Director at Mercury - a high stakes public strategy firm & Are there millennials out there who actively follow religion?  & Making Young Men Marriageable  GUEST: Brad Wilcox - Professor & Director at the National Marriage Project at the University of Virginia
  • Feb 25 - The Jamil Jivani Show - Hour 3

    Three reasons why people are hesitant to get the vaccine - they’re the Three C’s. ​ GUEST: Dr. Phillip Gerretsen -Clinician Scientist, Campbell Family Mental Health Research Institute and Geriatric Mental Health Services & What are the factors for you if you’re feeling hesitant about the vaccine? What is the reasoning for people you’ve spoken with?  & Ben Affleck says 'divorce made me a better actor'  & Best audio of the night: This guy has a theory that Matthew McCanaughey and Michael Caine are the same person - you just have to shift their voice a little bit. ​