Will consumers push corporations to place purpose over profit in the post COVID world?


Economies are re-opening across Canada and around the world as we emerge from the first wave of the COVID pandemic. Some regions are opening more slowly than others, primarily because of the number of active coronavirus cases still being reported. While this has proven to be a balance between public health and the need to reignite business on main street and Bay Street, the real success is going to depend on individual behaviours.   How will consumers respond? How will you feel about going into a restaurant or a retailer?   Marketing strategist Tony Chapman at Tony Chapman Reactions and host of the podcast CHATTER THAN MATTERS says marketers will have to consumer confidence and consumer comfort if they’re going to succeed in the post COVID era.

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    Ontario's Bioethics Table is urging the province to end the need for consent before withdrawing a patient from life support if hospitals get overwhelmed during COVID-19. This is one of several recommendations made by the table. Jamil Jivani speaks with Dr. James Downar, head of the division of palliative care at the University of Ottawa and a member of the Provincial Bioethics Table.  Listen to The Evan Solomon Show podcast on the iHeart radio app, Apple Podcasts, Spotify, or wherever you listen to your podcasts.