WTF is Doug Ford Doing?; Where is the head of Eggerton Ryerson?


Political Analyst Scott Reid joins Jim to talk about his concerns about Provincial and Federal governments becoming less and less wary of the Constitution's Notwithstanding clause; After the toppling of a statue of Eggerton Ryerson, Jim speaks to Skyler Williams of Six Nations ​from 1492 Land Back Lane in Caledonia, a 25-acre front line in the assertion of Indigenous land rights; The Return of the Jimbits

  • Kevin Donovan with Dave Trafford

    Kevin Donovan, investigative reporter at the Toronto Star, kicks off his new 5 part series, called Death in a Small Town, with Moore In The Morning
  • Peter Milczyn with Dave Trafford

    Former Toronto city councillor and one-time provincial Liberal housing minister, Peter Milczyn, now of PM Strategies explains to Moore In The Morning how Toronto is the only jurisdiction that isn’t offering any financial incentives to builders to offset the expense of affordable units.