Wedding Planner; Meteor Shower; Steven Spielberg's Top 20


David Cooper is hosting the Showgram this week. This episode starts with  Jason Mitchell Kahn of Jason Mitchell Kahn & Co., Gay Wedding Planner to the Stars, author, Getting Groomed: The Ultimate Wedding Planner for Gay Grooms Showgram's favourite spaceman Professor of Astronomy and Physics Paul Delaney on various topics, incl. upcoming Geminis meteor shower. Movie Critic and host of CTV's Pop Life is Richard Crouse joins the Showgram discuss Steven Spielberg's Top 20 favourite movies.

  • John Moore Round Two- January 26th

    Guests: Paven Bratch, Serial entrepreneur in Marketing, tech and real estate development and a part time farmer, Children’s Music Teacher Michelle Morrow and Mark Towhey, a trusted advisor to business and political leaders.
  • Canada orders families of diplomats to leave Ukraine

    Evan Solomon speaks with Retired Major-General David Fraser on the latest situation in Ukraine and Canada's role moving forward. On today’s show: We play part of Evan’s conversation with Conservative Leader Erin O’Toole about the convoy of truckers protesting vaccination mandates. Retired Major-General David Fraser discusses the latest in Ukraine and what Canada should do from here. Katya Duhamel, a concerned Ottawa parent with a six-year-old in school, talks about the DIY COVID-19 reporting tool for schools she made. Paul Hetherington, an award winning Vancouver-based LEGO artist, on how he got started, his process, and dealing with a hot aftermarket.  
  • How Are You?

    David Cooper is hosting the Late Showgram on this special Bell Let's Talk Day. So we want to know: How Are You? Maybe you're a listener who's normally too shy to call in, and tonight's your night. No pressure for a wild story, just wondering how you are. How are you? Let's talk.