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  • Living in the COVID Era - THE NEXT NORMAL

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  • Grab Bag Call-In | Would You Rather | Lydia's Lane

    The grab-bag of call-in topics today includes What did you have for dinner, what's your favourite ice cream flavour, and what's your favourite TV show? Later a game of Would You Rather with Producer Tony Producer Lydia checks in on the show to talk about how today's show came together and of course answers some of the aforementioned call-in questions.
  • Did Richard Crouse Like This?

    Did Richard Crouse Like This? The Showgram's favourite movie critic and host of CTV's Pop Life tells us about 3 movies you can see this week and let's us know what he thought to them! This Week: Downton Abbey: A New Era;  Men; and Valet  
  • Premonition Fridays

    It's time for Premonition Friday with foreign correspondent and certifiable psychic Tony Five, live from London. What is in your future?
  • The Poopetrator | World IBD Day | Queer Prom | Agar vs Cooper | Monkey Pox | CryptoCurrency

    Some interviews that David Cooper did today. The mystery of Wichita's criminal "poopetrator" with crime expert Mark Mendelson World IBD Day (inflammatory bowel disease) with Andrew Mac Isaac from Crohn's and Colitis Canada All about the Fruit Salad Queer Prom in Hamilton with organizer Sarah Barnhart Should women's soccer players make more than men and two individuals accused of misconduct in the wake of the Buffalo shootings with radio personality Jerry Agar Cases of monkeypox in Canada with Infectious Disease Specialist Dr. Isaac Bogoch Computer scientist Nicholas Weaver on why he thinks all cryptocurrency should "die in a fire"
  • What's underrated?

    What's underrated? It's sort of like the opposite of pet peeves! What things, places, and even people do you absolutely love and think are massively underrated. 
  • Free For All Thursday | Lydia's Lane

    David Cooper is joined by foreign correspondent Tony Five for a free for all Thursday. Producer Lydia joins the show to discuss the things she thinks are underrated.
  • Conspiracy Corner

    David Cooper is joined by Nathan Radke to talk conspiracy theories, He's a cultural history professor at Humber College and co-host of The Uncover Up podcast. Tonight we talk about "false flags"
  • National Caesar Day | This Week in Tech | David Cooper Law Student

    It's National Caesar Day and we welcome our friend Katherine Vellinga, co-founder and CEO of Zirkova, a Canadian-Ukrainian vodka brand. Our favourite tech expert Carmi Levy for This Week in Tech Yet another David Cooper, this time an artist and Queen's University law student

Reshmi Nair, host of "Outbreak: The Facts and Fiction of the Coronavirus" asks Dan Riskin, Bell Media science expert and Dr. Isaac Bogoch, Infectious disease physician at Toronto General Hospital YOUR questions about COVID-19

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