Finally skiing in Ontario


We're skiing ..Finally skiing in Ontario!

The NEWSTALK ski team enjoyed a great day on the slopes in the Barrie area at Mt St Louis and Horseshoe Valley. I'm very impressed with their Covid protocol..we felt very safe and comfortable at both resorts. 

Horseshoe Valley

You'll see from some of the photos both resorts are taking Covid very seriously along with a very well trained staff.  Horseshoe has outdoor ticket counters, portable washrooms, outdoor rental center along with outdoor eating areas and a tiki bar. 

Lift lines are orderly and organized along with set paths to the cafeteria and Pub.  General Manager, JR has done an excellent job organizing his staff and making sure all the rules are followed.  Horseshoe is asking everyone to book daily lift tix in advance on their website but will accept walk up traffic on a daily limited basis. 

Horseshoe Valley

As for Mt St Louis..Very impressed as well and it's only season pass holders for the next 6 days.  There's no daily walk up or booking in advance ticket sales til next Thursday.  You'll also be very impressed with the multi million dollar electronic system and renovations as you'll see in the photos. 

There's going to be a new sun deck and much larger eating areas...A new flow to the main chalet that keeps social distancing and Covid protocol. 

You'll also see a new ticket tickets on line in advance then redeem your pass at a main chalet kiosk.  Again, purchase your daily tix in'll get an email and redeem at kiosk...Plus, electronic entrances at all lift lines so no more people checking tix...simply put the card up to the machine and gates will open. 

Mount St. Louis Moonstone

This is also a multi million dollar investment that rivals anything you'll see at Whistler or Europe.  It's all very impressive to make skiing much easier and a lot more fun...Once again, don't be concerned about Covid protocol..both resorts have done an amazing job to protect their customers. 

Mount St. Louis Moonstone


Mount St. Louis Moonstone

Mt St Louis has 14 slopes open and 4 lifts while Horseshoe has 10 and 3 lifts...Both resorts offer great snow on the open hills.  If you're concerned about lift lines..dont be.

Everyone is spacing and only ride a chair with your bubble.  If you're a solo skier, take a chair lift by yourself.  It's accepted and cool. 

All in all, we'll be out again this weekend at both resorts so watch for the NEWSTALK Pizzaville Audi Etron at main chalets to win $25 gift cards from Pizzaville...and why not order dinner tonite. Here's their newest special....4 medium pizzas...10 toppings combined...contactless delivery and sealed boxes..Pizzaville was the first...all for just $36.36...Order on your Pizzaville app or

Have a great weekend and see you on the slopes!

Mount St. Louis Moonstone