David Cooper


David Cooper


David Cooper is a human train wreck and Canadian living in New York City. His extensive broadcasting credentials include briefly saying hello to Malcolm Gladwell and having a 30 minute phone call with Canadian radio personality Rick Moranis.

After growing up in Toronto, David fled to San Francisco where he was introduced to radio almost by accident: While dabbling in stand-up comedy, David wandered into a radio station to promote one of his shows. Something terrible clicked that day and there was no turning back.

Since 2016, David has hosted various radio shows on independent stations around San Francisco, including a wacky call-in program called This Is Going Well, I Think (visible from a coffee shop window). His experiment with a phone booth in the desert was showcased in an NPR episode (long story). And at the end of 2020, David quit his lucrative career as a software engineer to pursue radio opportunities full-time “like an idiot” (a direct quote from his overbearing Jewish mother).

David’s on-air style oscillates between frenzied comedy and confession-booth sincerity, blurring the lines between his personal relationships and on-air ones in a way both intimate and (arguably) intrusive. He can be heard nightly as contributor on the nationally syndicated Late Showgram with Jim Richards on iHeartRadio Canada's Talk Network; doing the occasional guest spot on WFMU in New York/New Jersey; and every year in the Nevada Desert on Burning Man Information Radio (BMIR) 94.5 FM, where he has interviewed everyone from stripper-clowns to George Stroumboulopoulos.