Jasmine Daya & Co.

Highly Skilled Toronto Personal Injury Lawyers

Jasmine Daya is a lawyer, author and founder of Jasmine Daya & Co., a Toronto based Personal Injury law firm serving clients throughout Ontario.  The firm offers a free initial consultation and there are no legal fees until they settle.  The firm handles cases in all areas of Personal Injury including unique claims involving minors, club/bouncer assault, cyberbullying, disability denials, product liability, fire loss, cosmetic surgery claims and more.  

A Boutique Client Focused Law Firm

Jasmine's firm is client focused and ensures that each individual that walks through the door is treated with the utmost professionalism, care and respect.   As a boutique law firm, they are able to provide a high attention to detail on each client's file to optimize maximum recovery on every claim that is advanced.  Jasmine and her team have significant experience in Personal Injury litigation and recover millions of dollars every year for their clients.  

Contact Jasmine Daya & Co.

If you would like to speak to a dedicated and knowledgeable lawyer experienced in handling all areas of Personal Injury and Disability Benefit claims, contact Jasmine Daya & Co. in Toronto, online or at 416-967-9100. The firm offers a free consultation to new clients.  There are also no legal fees until they settle.