A man who already had 22 orders against him to not drive, was caught... driving

A Durham region police car.

Being banned from driving once is bad enough, but try 22 times.

Police in Durham Region were called on Tuesday about a Corvette being driven erratically on Taunton Road on Tuesday. Officers actually spotted that same car a short time later, speeding along Highway 2 in Whitby. And, cops say it didn't stop at a  red light near Garrard Road.

According to a release, police didn't chase after him, because of safety concerns.

But they did track him down a short time later, arresting the 43-year old driver. It was later discovered that he was on parole, and had 22 orders against him to not drive.

He's now facing 22 counts of Operation While Prohibited and one count each of  Dangerous Operation and Drive Motor Vehicle While Suspended.