A sign of life from Ontario's auto industry

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A sign of life from Ontario's auto industry.

General Motors announced on Wednesday, that they are aiming to re-start production at all plants in North America, on May 18th.

"Considerable planning is underway to restart operations in North America. Based on conversations and collaboration with unions and government officials, GM is targeting to restart the majority of manufacturing operations the week of May 18th  in the U.S. and Canada under extensive safety measures.  These procedures meet or exceed the World Health Organization and the Public Health Agency of Canada guidelines, and are designed to keep people safe when they arrive, while they work and as they leave the facility. Starting May 11th a portion of our HFV6 line will resume in St. Catharines and the balance of St. Catharines operations, CAMI and Oshawa Stamped Parts Operations will come back gradually in the weeks that follow."

But they won't be the only automaker calling workers back to the plants.

Fiat Chrysler had plans to open on Monday at their Brampton facility, and auto parts giant, Magna was aiming for the start of this week as well.

The assembly plants have been closed since March 23rd, in Canada.