A sunny start to a new school year


Welcome back to the hustle and bustle!

As you send the children back to school this morning, you'll want to dress them in layers.

A light jacket will be necessary this morning. Environment Canada expects a temperature around 13 degrees by 8 a.m. 

By lunchtime, a t-shirt should be enough. It'll be 19 degrees by noon.

If you're driving the children to class, Toronto Police want you to know they'll be watching.

They say officers will be keeping a close eye out for those who park illegally, speed, drive distracted, aggressively, or impaired around schools.

In a news release, they say, "These behaviours lead to frustration, congestion, and an unsafe environment for students. This campaign is about "no tolerance" for violations, but also about asking you to commit to changing bad driving habits."