All you CAN'T eat?


We're still a long way off from making a reservation and heading out to your favourite restaurant. Most of those places will be doing delievery and curbside pickup for some weeks yet.

But what about a place that specializes in buffets?

"It's kind of the worst kept secret that bufets are a mode of transmitting infectious diseases," says infectious disease specialist Dr Isaac Bogoch. "in the current state of the world, it would be very hard to open buffets right now."

But that doesn't mean they are closed for good. He says many of the larger operations will be developing new plans for moving forward. Some may even opt to have staff filling plates and handing them to you, to cut down on the number of hands that touch a spoon or a pair of tongs.

"You could still walk along the buffet and those individuals would put the food on your plate," says Bogoch. "That would certainly be a much safer way to do it."

But even cruise ships, who plan to start back up this summer, won't be going along the buffet route any more, chosing instead for sit down meals.

And what about that pot-luck party that you have every summer at work?

Don't even think about it.

"Those settings are higher risk, so I don't see them happening in the near future."