Andrew Scheer to face Conservative caucus

Newly elected Conservative party leader Andrew Scheer

A public display of solidarity is expected today as Canada's official Opposition caucus gathers in Ottawa for the first time since last month's general election.

Behind closed doors, however, political watchers say Conservative Leader Andrew Scheer is likely to face some serious questions about the election results.

The Conservatives came out of the campaign with 121 seats, about two dozen more than they held prior to the vote, and record high popular support.

But University of Prince Edward Island political science professor Peter McKenna says Conservative supporters had high hopes of removing the Trudeau Liberals from power.

While the Liberals were reduced to a 157-seat minority, they can still hang on to power with the support of the N-D-P or the Bloc Quebecois, or both.

Even before the October 21st vote, some Conservatives were already talking about replacing Scheer.

Since then, there has been open debate on social media over whether Scheer should be ousted as leader before the party's next convention in April, with a hashtag ``Scheermustgo'' campaign pushing him to depart sooner rather than later.

But University of Ottawa professor Gevenieve Tellier says the Conservative party's problems don't stop at Scheer, but rather revolve around policies that did not muster much excitement amongst voters.