Animal advocate killed after getting run over trying to feed pigs in tractor trailer


An animal rights advocate lost her life in a horrific incident Friday in Burlington, killed after getting run over by a tractor trailer, while trying to feed pigs being hauled to a slaughterhouse. 

Regan Russell was well-known in the animal advocacy community and was attempting to feed the pigs being sent to the Fearman's Pork Plant. 

It's unclear exactly what occurred, but Anita Kranjc, a friend and founder of the Animal Save Movement, said Russell tried to jump out of the way of the truck, but was run over. 

"The tragedy is so immense, we're in shock," she said. 

These types of demonstrations have happened before, as Kranjc was charged with mischief for a similar incident in 2015, but was eventually found not guilty. 

She said a similar death did occur in Britain, but that was back in the 1995.

"I never thought this would happen to our movement now in this day and age," she said. 

Kranjc said they had been trying to come up with a safety agreement with Fearman's, but nothing was ever signed. 

Protestors have been speaking out against the passing of Bill 156, which would increase fines for those trespassing on farms and processing plants and make it illegal for people to get on the grounds under "false pretences." 

Critics have said it's an attempt to silence whistleblowers obtaining evidence of abuse in the industry. 

Kranjc said Russell was a beloved and delightful woman who loved her family. 

"If you want to do something for Regan Russell, be kind to each other and be kind to animals," she said. 

Halton Police are investigating and it's unclear if any charges will be laid.