Another day of record-setting cold but ski hills are opening early

cold weather

This is the kind of cold you expect to see in February, not November

It feels like winter hit us out of nowhere and it hit us hard. Today marks a third day in a row we have broken records.

The record low for this day was -9.6 set in 1986.

Yesterday's low was -10.4. The old record was -7.8 and it goes all the way back to 1937.

It's been cold enough to prompt the city's first extreme cold alert of the season.

But, there is a nugget of good news if you're a skiier.

Monday's record setting snowfall means an early opening for one of the area's ski hills.

Horseshoe Resort in Barrie will open today. It's the resort's earliest opening day ever.

A couple of other resorts will open up this week.

Mount St. Louis Moonstone in Coldwater opens on Friday.

Lakeridge Resort in Uxbridge will begin the season on Saturday.