Another jump in new cases of COVID-19 as Ontario records another 625 new infections


There's been another jump in the number of new cases of COVID-19 in the province, with 625 new infections reported on Wednesday. That's an increase compared to the 554 new cases recorded the day before. It's also higher than the seven-day average of 476.

288 of the new cases have come in Toronto, which is up from 251 on Tuesday. Peel reported 97 new infections, which is also an increase. 41 new cases came in York Region, while Durham Region also reported 25 new cases of the virus, which is a jump from 14.

For the second day in a row, four new deaths have been reported, bringing the provincial total up to 2,848. Two of the new deaths came in people 60-79-years-old, while the other two came in people aged 80+.

The number of active cases in the province grew by 168, which means there's a slight increase in the people who currently have COVID-19. The number of active cases in the province is now up to 4,955, which is the highest since April 29th. However, it was just on August 14th when the number of active cases in the province was at 891.

62% of the new infections came in people who are younger than 40-years-old, but 11% of the new infections are in people who are 60 and older. That's the age demographic that makes up the majority of the total number of deaths in the province.

The percentage of positive tests is rising slowly. 1.7% of all people tested came back positive for COVID-19 today. But, if you compare that to two weeks ago, the percent of people testing positive then, was 1%. So, the numbers are slowly increasing.

There's now 150 people in hospital with COVID-19, an increase of 13, while the number of people in ICU is up to 35, an increase of five. However, the number of people requiring a ventilator in the province, is at 17, which is an increase of only one.