Caught-on-cam incident leads to anti-racism rally in park where trash was thrown at seniors

A rally was held in Surrey Tuesday evening in support of a group of South Asian grandmothers and children who were targeted in an ugly incident partially caught on camera.

Dozens of people attended the rally – many holding signs with messages including "End racism" and "Silence = complicity."

Video of some of what happened has been shared widely on social media. Police were called after a couple allegedly threw trash and yelled at seniors and children at Aspen Park last week.

Supporters said they hoped the rally would send a message that Surrey is a welcoming city for everyone.

Member of Parliament Sukh Dhaliwal spoke at the rally, which was held in the park where the incident took place.

"We have to be part of the solution," he said.

"We should all come together if we see an act of racism or hate."

Mounties say an investigating into the incident is ongoing, and that charges may be considered.

They say the incident was part of an ongoing dispute over park usage by both parties, and that the couple involved has offered an apology.

"The victims were in agreement with the apology. However, third party (event organizers for this evening) interfered and did not let that happen," the RCMP said.