Are we seeing fewer mosquitoes this year?


Has COVID-19 killed off the mosquitoes in the province?

Not quite, but you're not wrong if you think there are fewer of the buzzing pests this year compared to last summer.

The difference isn't the virus, it's the fact that it's been warm and dry, for longer.

Last year, it was a pretty wet start to the summer, while this year we're basking in weather we'd normally see in mid-August.

"When we have these hot, dry summers, it's not good for gardens and it's not good for mosquitoes," says David Sugarman, a researcher at the Ontario Science Centre. "Once you get into dry conditions, if that isn't followed by lots of rain, then they don't have any places left to breed."

Sugarman says mosquitoes usually look for standing water to breed, like puddles and bird baths. Obviously there are fewer puddles this year, which means there's fewer mosquitoes.