Are you getting a raise? No? Your MP may not either.

Parliament Hill in Ottawa, Ontario,Canada is seen August 11, 2016.

As Canadians feel the financial pain of the COVID-19 pandemic, there is a new push in Ottawa to freeze the wages of federal politicians.

A senator from Ontario has moved a motion that calls for a pay freeze for members of parliament and senators.

They typically get an automatic raise each year equal to inflation.

An MP makes an annual base salary of $182,600 and some make more for certain positions such as prime minister or opposition leader.

Senators make $157,600 per year.

The senator behind this push tells the National Post the motion will be voted on next week and she believes there's widespread support.

The pay freeze would begin in the next fiscal year and would last for a maximum of three years.

It's expected to save taxpayers $1.7 million.