Between 800 and 1,200 daily new cases likely to be our new normal


We are not in the worst-case scenario, but we have to keep following public health guidelines if we don't want to end up there.

That was the message coming from Ontario's health table today, in showing new modelling for COVID-19.

The projections show between 800 and 1,200 new daily cases of the virus for about the next month.

We don't have a number of estimated lives we will lose during the winter season to the virus, but Dr. Adalsteinn Brown says it's not going to be as bad as worst-case scenario estimates.

Original projections for total lives lost during the pandemic were around 15,000 if the worst-case happened. Brown says he anticipates we'll be far below that, but added that things can change so quickly with the virus that he's hesitant to provide any more than that.

Another positive note, we're not overwhelming our healthcare system, and if we avoid the absolute worst, we'll stay below the 150 ICU patient threshold.