BREAKING DOWN THE NUMBERS: New one-day high of COVID-19 cases and 14 new deaths


Ontario is reporting a new one-day high if new COVID-19 cases, with 1,050 new cases of the virus in the province today. That's higher than the seven-day average coming into today, which was 918, the highest yet.

The number of tests coming back positive shot up to 4.2% though, an increase from 3.3% yesterday, and much higher than where we were a month ago, when the percent positive was down around 1.3%.

Toronto is leading the way in new cases with 408 today. Peel Region is reporting 212, York Region has 76 new infections, Halton Region is up to 86 new cases and Durham is also showing an increase, reporting 57 new cases today. Toronto and Peel Region though, make up 58% of all new cases in the province.

14 new deaths to report which is the highest since June 20th, with all of them coming in the 60+ age group. Interestingly, only 1.6% of the total number of people who have died, spent time in the ICU.

The province is reporting 25,300 tests completed, which is just over half of the daily testing target of 50,000. There's now more than 20,000 people in the province waiting for their test results, an increase from yesterday.

The number of active cases in the province continues to rise, and is now at 8,295. That means more people are getting sick compared to those getting better. It also means there are more people in the province who could potentially spread the virus to others.

The number of people in hospital jumped by 29 to 357. But those in the ICU and on ventilators remained fairly steady again. The number of people in ICU is at 73, while those needing a ventilator is at 47.

Remember, back in the first wave, we had around a thousand people in hospital and more than 250 people in ICU.