BREAKING DOWN THE NUMBERS: Ontario records a new one-day high of new COVID-19 infections

The line at the testing centre at Michael Garon Hospital

It's a new record high for the province of Ontario.

797 new cases of COVID-19 have been reported, which is a jump compared to yesterday and is almost 200 cases above the seven-day average of 605.

Of the new cases, 41% came in Toronto, Peel Region and York Region. Toronto is reporting 265 new cases, Peel Region is reporting 131 and York Region has their highest new one-day total at 78 new cases. Ottawa is also spiking, 182 new cases today.

Four new deaths have been reported, but one of them coming in a person between the ages of 20-39. The other three are in people who are 60 or older.

Nearly 48,500 tests were completed yesterday, which is a new one-day testing high, but there's still more than 55,000 cases under investigation. The percent of people testing positive is up only slightly, from 1.3% yesterday, to 1.6% today.

57% of the new cases came in people who are 40 or younger, while the most at-risk age group of 60+, made up 14% of the new infections.

The number of people in hospital is at the highest level we've seen since July 1st, with 206 in hospital with COVID-19. That's an increase of 11 from yesterday. The number of people in ICU is up four to 47, which is the highest since June 28th. The number of people on ventilators is only up one, to 29.

If you compare back to April, when we had 640 cases in one day, the number of people in hospital was 901 and the number of people in ICU was 243.