BREAKING DOWN THE NUMBERS: Ontario reports a new one-day high of COVID-19 infections


Health officials are reporting 732 new cases of COVID-19 in the province, marking a new one-day high when it comes to new infections.

It's higher than yesterday when 538 new cases were reported, and also higher than the seven-day average, which is now up to 538.

44% of the new cases came in Toronto, with public health reporting 323 new infections. Peel Region has 111 new cases, while York Region is reporting 38 cases. Nearly 71% of the new cases came in the GTA.

58% of the new infections have come in people 40-years-old or  younger, which is the lowest that has been in weeks. When you look at the most at-risk age group of 60+, they made up 19% of all new infections.

Two new deaths have been reported, but the total in the province jumped by 76, because Toronto Public Health is counting cases today that hadn't been counted in the spring or summer.

The number of people currently infected with COVID-19 is now up to 5,203, which is the highest it's been since April 28th. It's also nearing the all-time high of active cases of more than 5,600. Toronto has more than double the number of active cases than anywhere else, with 2,080. Peel Region is next with 972.
More than 40,000 tests have been completed, with more than 90 thousand still under investigation.
The number of people in hospital has remained fairly steady, jumping by five, to 167. The number of people in ICU is up by two to 38 and the number of people needing a ventilator in the province is now at 21, which is an increase of four.
1.8% of all tests today came back positive, which is a slight jump of 0.5% compared to yesterday. But if we compare back to April 24th, when 640 cases were reported, the percent-positive then was 5.2%.