BREAKING DOWN THE NUMBERS: Toronto reports a new one-day high of new cases of COVID-19


Ontario is reporting 934 new cases of COVID-19 today, which is an increase compared to yesterday, and it's higher than the seven-day average of 885, coming into today.

That is the highest average we've seen through the pandemic. It's also the first time since Saturday that we've seen the number of new cases over 900.

While the news seems dire, the percent of tests coming back positive was a little lower than yesterday at 2.6%. But it's still higher than it was a month ago, when the percent of tests coming back positive was at 1.4%.

The majority of the new cases came in Toronto and Peel Region, with those two areas making up 63% of the new infections. Toronto is reporting a new one-day high of 420 new cases, while Peel Region is reporting 169 new infections. York Region had 95 new cases while Durham Region also saw a decrease in new cases with 24. Halton Region was up a little, with 35 new cases today. 

35,600 tests were completed yesterday, but the backlog of cases under investigation is now at more than 40,000. On Monday, that total was only 17,000.

10 new deaths have been reported, with all coming in the 60+ age group. 95% of all deaths related to COVID-19 in the province have come in that age group.

Once again, there are more active cases in the province, meaning more people are currently infected with the virus. 7,578 is the highest number of active cases yet. 41% of those are in Toronto.

The number of people in hospital grew by 10 to 322. The number of people in ICU is also up by six to 77 and the number of people on ventilators is up by one to 52.

Health Officials say hospitals start to struggle to perform non-emergency surgeries, when those in ICU hits 150.