BREAKING: Trump slams the US voting process in Thursday address


As he continues to trail Democratic Presidential candidate Joe Biden, President Donald Trump continued his assault on the voting system, claiming voter corruption and fraud. Trump held an impromptu press conference at the White House Thursday.

He called out what he claims are illegal votes and slammed the Democratic Party.  

Trump said if the legal votes are counted, he easily wins.  He added that if "illegal votes" are counted, it would steal the election from him.  He said he has decisively won key states like Florida, Iowa, Indiana and Ohio.  Trump blamed pre-election pollsters for getting the election "knowingly wrong" by predicting a "blue wave" that never materialized.  

All this as Trump continues to trail Biden 264-214 in the Electoral College votes.

 NEWSTALK 1010 and CTV host Evan Solomon tweeted out:


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