Bullets hit the Eaton Centre in one of three late night shootings

Eaton centre shooting Sept 19 2019

The Eaton Centre is a busy place.

So, it's pretty unsettling when someone drives up outside and fires a gun.

Police were called just after 11p.m. for reports of a man firing at a vehicle.

They found bullet holes in the side of the building but luckily, no one was hurt.

It was just one of three shootings in the city last night.

There was another in Regent Park about an hour earlier.

A man was shot but he's expected to live. Witnesses reported a car speeding away.

Around the same time, a man was shot dead in Scarborough, near Middlefield and McNicoll.

The owner of a nearby gym tells CP24, he's sick and tired of the gunfire.

"Everyday we go to work and we don't want to fear getting shot...I'm tired of the shootings that are going on in the city right now. I'm tired of the politicians not doing anything."

So far, nothing from police on suspects in any of these cases.