Can the COVID-19 restrictions eliminate the common cold?

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Is it just me, or is there a distinct lack of people getting sick this year?

Obviously not with COVID-19, but even just the common flu, or common cold.

Even kids are healthier than they've been in years.

"It's definitely not just you," says Dr. Brett Belchetz, an ER doctor in Toronto. "There is no question that all of these measures that we've taken to contain the spread of COVID-19, all of them are equally as effective to control the spread of things cold or flu viruses."

But Dr. Belchetz says the chances of us eradicating the cold and influenza viruses, are slim to none.

"These are very resilient viruses and as long as there is a small reservior of these viruses, it's very likely that as soon as we start mingling again, these viruses will start to spread as we've been accustomed to them spreading," says Belchetz.

But what we can take away from this pandemic, is the proper personal hygene, like cleaning and washing your hands.

"As long as we're doing all of these things, we're going to see much lower rates of these nuissance infections, as well as lower rates of COVID-19."