Canada revises number of Canadians killed in crash in Iran

Foreign Affairs Minister Francois-Philippe Champagne makes announcement in Ottawa Friday January 10, 2020

Foreign Affairs Minister Francois-Philippe Champagne announced in Ottawa on Friday night that the number of Canadians killed in the crash of flight PS752 in Iran is thought to be 57, rather than 63 as previously announced.  Champagne said that is based on information from travel documents.  He said the situation was fluid, and that he still believes 138 of the 176 passengers were ultimately headed for Canada.

Champagne said Canadian officials are still waiting for Iran to grant visas so they can enter the country to help Canadians there, including families of the passengers, and to take part in the investigation.  He said a team of representatives of Global Affairs Canada and the Transportation Safety Board are now in place in Ankara, Turkey, awaiting visas from Iran.  Champagne said just two visas had been granted so far, but that he was hopeful 10 would be granted.  Canada does not have diplomatic relations with Iran.

Canada is working with other countries who also lost citizens in the crash, Champagne said, so they could advocate "with one single voice." 

Iran continues to deny that any of its missiles struck the Ukrainian passenger jet.  Canada, the U-S and other countries say they have intelligence data that shows a missile strike is the cause of the crash.

Champagne also announced the government has formed a task force to help families of passengers killed in the crash get support they need.