CEO of one of nursing home operators hardest hit by covid-19 in ontario resigns

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In a news release tonight, Lois Cormack, the president and CEO of Sienna Senior Living, announced that she was resigning from her role as head of the company, effective immediately.

The Toronto Star

Sienna Senior Living is one of the largest for-profit nursing home operators in the province.

According to a recent investigation by The Toronto Star, "the company’s homes have had some of the province’s highest rates of COVID-19 infection and deaths and that the company paid out hundreds of millions of dollars in dividends and executive compensation over the last decade".

Five of Ontario's 20 worst-hit long-term care homes due to the coronavirus were owned by Sienna.

At least 758 residents of Sienna homes have been infected with COVID-19.

292 people have died.

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Three of the companies 37 long-term care homes in Ontario have been taken over by the province: Camilla Care Community in Mississauga, Woodbrige Vista Care Community, Altamont Care Community in Scarborough.

The Woodbridge facility is currently the subject of an investigation by the Ministry of Long-Term Care, which is looking into deaths not-related to the coronavirus, as well as neglect after a resident died two weeks ago from exhaustion due to malnutrition.

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