"ChairGirl" sentencing date set for next month as Crown seeks jail term

CKTB-News- Chair girl

Marcella Zoia, aka ChairGirl for her viral act of tossing a chair towards a busy Toronto street and highway from 45 storeys up, will learn her fate on March 12th.

Zoia is the now 20-year-old who around a year ago threw a chair from a downtown condo building towards the Gardiner Expressway, who plead guilty to mischief endangering life in November.  

The Crown wants four to six months in jail, a temporary ban from posting on social media, 240 hours of community service and two years probation. 

"She knows she's extraordinary lucky that she didn't kill someone," Crown Attorney Heather Keating said in court today, adding she questioned if Zoia was truly remorseful of her actions, based on information from the pre-sentence report. 

"Her real regret is the consequences to her," she said. 

Zoia's defence lawyer Gregory Leslie is seeking a suspended sentence, also with two years probation and said her behaviour was heavily influenced by her alcohol use and that she has sought community service and counselling already. 

"Alcohol is a huge factor," Leslie said, adding she was a young person tempted by peer pressure and that she'd been previously diagnosed with ADHD by a family doctor. 

Zoia also addressed the court herself.

"I have a lot of growing up to do," she said. "I'm very sorry for my actions." 

While saying she's aware that somebody could've gotten hurt, she said "going forward, this will never happen again."

Although there was only video of one chair being thrown and her single plea of guilty, there were two chairs as exhibits in the courtroom. 

Leslie believes jail would not benefit her client, nor is a temporary ban from social media necessary, given her work as a model requires its use. 

Keating also said despite the media attention of the case and Zoia's ongoing use of social media, they are seeking a term not based on "her wardrobe, but her words."

But Leslie still asked the court to not take her posting pictures on social media into consideration, even though the Crown hadn't. 

"It's just because it is out there," he said afterwards. "Her Honour is swayed by what is spoken and what is said in court, but I just want to make sure that she doesn't give that any consideration whatsoever." 

Zoia will be sentenced March 12th.