Chunk of ice crashes through the roof of a Mississauga home

A whole in a roof caused by falling ice

A woman says she feels lucky to be alive, after a chunk of ice came crashing through the roof of her Mississauga home.

"I was still in bed and all of a sudden I heard this big, big crash." Carmela Caccavo tells CTV news.

The block of ice came down in a closet, not far from where the woman was sleeping.


The family thinks it likely came from a plane that was passing overhead. And they may be right.

Flight data shows there was an Air Canada Rouge flight that was passing over that area around that same time, around 6:30 on Wednesday morning.

Damage to the home could be as high as $20,000.

When CTV contacted Air Canada, the company says they weren't aware of any issues, but say it would be up to Transport Canada to launch an investigation.

They are now checking to see if they can tell that the ice came from an aircraft.