City learning from Lakeshore Boulevard nightmares


The ActiveTO initiative was not warmly welcomed by everyone this long weekend, but Toronto Mayor John Tory says the city is working on improving it.

There were major traffic disruptions on Lakeshore Boulevard Saturday. It was the first day the eastbound lanes were closed to traffic.

"I think we did a better job on Sunday than Saturday, for example we lengthened the timing for a left turn when you got to the place at Lakeshore West where it was closed, which we hadn't done, these are the kinds of things that happen when you do something fairly quickly," Tory told NEWSTALK1010's The Rush. "We also closed the ramp from the Gardiner coming eastbound to the Lakeshore and that should have been done, to be frank, on Saturday. So I think on Sunday, I saw it with my own eyes, traffic was much, much better. Saturday, not acceptable. That's why you learn from these things."

Reports indicate there was up to a two-hour wait along the road. 

Tory says not only did the city act quickly when they realized Saturday's issues — they're debriefing every step of the way.

"I should tell you that at our emergency meeting today, I asked for a full report on the whole thing from the weekend so we can see what were the successes — today's not as good a day because of the rain and so on — but I think what were the successes of it, which were considerable I think, and what were the shortcomings. And then we can make future decisions based on that kind of evidence," Tory said.

The ActiveTO initiative was launched last week, and it closes 57 kilometres of city streets to traffic. It's aimed at making more room for pedestrians and cyclists for physical distancing guidelines.

Lakeshore Boulevard will open up at midnight on Tuesday, but will face more weekend closures during the pandemic.

It'll be closed on weekends from Windermere to Stadium Road.