City of Toronto to give you more room to run

Sign for Social distancing in Toronto

It's not going to be a full-on "game on", but the City of Toronto is moving to reopen more park amenities in the city.

In a release, officials say they are moving to open five BMX locations, 14 skateboard parks and four disc golf locations on Wednesday. Also, many parks' parking lots will also reopen this week at parks across the city.

When it comes to the park amenities that will be reopening later this week, they include: more than 300 soccer and multi-use fields, picnic shelters, 300 baseball diamonds and 150 basketball courts.

But don't think you can get together with your buddies for a game of shirts vs skins. The city says unless you're all part of the same family in the same household, team sports will not be allowed.

In a release, the city says "Permits for soccer, multi-use fields and baseball diamonds continue to be cancelled until June 29. Individuals may use outdoor sports facilities and multi-use fields for non-team sports, such as walking, running, biking, skateboarding, frisbee, kicking a ball, and low contact racquet sports like tennis, badminton, pickleball and ping pong. Individuals are not permitted to play team sports, such as soccer or baseball, even on fields intended for this purpose unless they are members of the same household."

This comes a day after the city reopened 70 off-leash dog parks in the city.

Playgrounds, outdoor exercise equipment, swimming pools and splash pads will all remain closed for the time being, along with High Park Zoo and Riverdale Farm.