City of Toronto to test new toys for winter


It was back in February, when Toronto's Mayor called for a review of the way the city clears the roads of snow, following a storm.

In the days after a particularly large storm, the city had hundreds of complaints about snow removal, many focusing on a lack of sidewalk clearing.

And it looks like the city has found some solutions, that they'll be testing this winter.

"Now, there's new equipment that has come out, and we're going to be testing it." says Vince Sferrazza from Transportation Services.

He says they have eight of the new sidewalk clearing machines in their arsenal, and will be using them on sidewalks that they couldn't do in the past.

"They have utility poles, fire hydrants, retaining walls or they are in areas where there's permit parking." says Sferrazza.

Currently, the city has around 1,400 km of sidewalk that can't be cleared by mechanical means.

And Sferrazza says the new machines, though more nimble, may not be able to clear every part of the city.

The tests will cost the city about $300,000 this year.