City once again calling on province, feds for more money

Blue sky over Toronto City Hall, winter 2016

A lengthy report will be going to the City of Toronto’s executive committee next week, detailing some of its recovery plan from the pandemic.

Two consultants — Dr. David Mowat and Saad Rafi — were hired earlier this year to lead the city’s recovery and rebuilding efforts, and Rafi has been paid $143,000, while Dr. Mowat has been paid $135,000, so far.

The pair has come up with 83 recommendations to address post-COVID recovery in the city.

About half of those recommendations are things the City is already working on.

Small businesses were mentioned in four of the recommendations, and restaurants were mentioned in one.

But most of the recommendations centre on advocating for more funding from the federal and provincial governments.

City manager Chris Murray said today that there’s no set plan in place if the two levels of government don’t come up with more funding before year-end, but he did say the City would have to look at things like they did earlier this year — specifically re-structuring of City jobs and potential cuts to services.

However, Murray said he’s not in a position at this point to forecast any cuts.

You can read all 83 recommendations here.