City requests no-board report in negotiations with outside workers

Snow clearing

The City of Toronto says progress has been made in its negotiations with unions representing outside workers, but not enough to avoid requesting a No-Board report, signalling a potential work stoppage. 

Talks have been going on between the City and TCEU Local 416 - CUPE for four months, but there's been no resolution on wages, benefits, job security and parental leave. 

"This step in the process will, the City hopes, assist both sides in achieving a fair and affordable collective agreement," the city said in a statement. "A No Board Report starts the clock for a potential work stoppage beginning in the third week of February." 

The report is requested to the Ministry of Labour.

With a potential stoppage during winter, City spokesperson Brad Ross said snow-clearing wouldn't be affected because of contingency plans. 

"We have contracted out a good number of our snow-clearning operations," he said. 

Although EMS staff are involved, that wouldn't be affected either because it's considered an essential service. 

Talks are also ongoing with CUPE Local 79, whic represents inside workers.