“Come on people,” Family admits to exposing technician to COVID-19 after installation

Bell Technician

A Bell Canada technician was unknowingly exposed to someone with COVID-19 while doing an internet installation last week, and he only found out because the family confessed the day after the job, his union leader says.

Jim Fling, president of Unifor Local 34-O in Ottawa, says the tech had to go inside for an installation last Thursday, after the customers inside had passed all COVID19 pre-screening questions.

The tech was back on the road the next day and had done three more jobs, but was pulled off the road by his manager.

“Feeling guilty they decided to call Bell Canada and informed them that they exposed one of our technicians to the virus,” Fling said, adding it was a son in the family who had tested positive.

“Come on people,” he added.

Fling says as the company is now handling the issue going forward, it’s not the first time that customers haven’t been honest.

“This is the first positive test, but there’s been people that have told us they weren’t out of the country and then when we finally finish the job, came clean, and said ‘well no, we just got back from Spain three days ago,’” he said. “But on a whole, people have been working with us.”

The worker is in self-isolation with no symptoms and follow-ups are necessary for the three households he attended to on Friday.

During the outbreak, technicians have been trying to do as much work as possible outside of homes, but some work eventually is required inside.

He stresses that most customers have been acting in good faith with technicians performing an essential service, but he’s extremely disappointed that some people aren’t.

“We’re trying to keep you guys going and we’re stressed, we have families and you need to be honest, so we can keep the country going,” he said.

NEWSTALK1010 has reached out to Ottawa Public Health for comment.

NOTE: Bell is the parent company of this radio station.