Could Toronto be dealing with a serial killer?

Police are looking for this suspect, possibly in connection with two murders

Could Toronto be dealing with a serial killer?

That isn't out of the realm of possibilty, according to Toronto Police, after two men were found stabbed to death in the same area, only days apart.

The first was a homeless man, who was found stabbed to death under a bridge on the West Humber Trail near the 427, on September 7th.

The second, was on Saturday night, when a 58-year-old volunteer caretaker was stabbed outside of a Mosque on Rexdale Blvd, near Islington.

And police think the two could be linked, because they happened so close to each other.

"The incidents occured in very close proximity to each other, about 5kms as the crow flies," says Inspector Hank Idsinga.

Police haven't yet linked the two killings but say they aren't ruling out the possibility.

Idsinga was also asked if they are linked, could Toronto be dealing with a serial killer?

"If the two homicides are connected, then that would be the case, yes."

The last time Toronto Police admitted they had a serial killer on their hands was Bruce McArthur, who was arrested in 2018 and later found guilty in the deaths of eight men.

"I don't want to raise any fear or any panic, I just want people to be aware that this is something that we're looking at, the possibility that these are connected," says Idsinga. "We need people to be aware of their surroundings."

The only suspect description is pretty vague, a man about five foot six, and about 130 pounds.