Councillors approve new traffic light after mother's passionate plea

Samuel Dan Kumar

One can only begin to imagine the heartbreak of a mother who has to see her son die.

But Sweety Kumar does not want her son's death to be for nothing.

City Councillors in Scarborough have approved the installation of a new traffic light on a busy road where a 17-year-old boy was struck and killed back in September.

The Toronto Star reports that Samuel Dan Kumar's mother wrote a passionate letter pleading for something to be done.

She wrote "I heard it all happen and I ran out to my son on the road."

It's a memory she says she'll never forget.

Samuel was hit near Scarborough Golf Club Road and Confederation Drive.

A family friend read out the mother's letter, describing Samuel as a knowledgeable student and a boy who had dreams and ambitions.

Councillors heard that for years, the community has asked for a crosswalk or a light at the intersection.

The nearest light is almost 200 metres away.