Councillors call for governments to step-up on childcare


We've heard the concerns about childcare as the economy reopens and parents head back to work. A pair of city councillors think now is the time for a national childcare system.

The Toronto Star reports Councillors Joe Cressy and Mike Layton are calling on the city to declare childcare an essential part of the COVID-19 economic recovery and urge other levels of government to build an affordable and accessible system.

There have been concerns that not every child who had a spot in daycare before, will have one now.

Currently, daycares are limited to groups of 10, including both staff and children.

Cressy and Layton are calling on the province to come up with a comprehensive plan to ensure that every child who was enrolled before will have a space going forward.

Cressy has said that without a plan, 56,000 children in the city may not be able to go back.

Both councillors have young children.

Layton tells the Star that his spouse is stepping back from her career over the summer so their spot can go to a family that needs it.

The councillors say even a return to full capacity isn't good enough. They say the current system leaves many families struggling for access to affordable care.