Developer fined after closing off East end sidewalk without permission


A developer has been issued two violations and fined $1,000 for closing off an East end sidewalk without permission to do so. 

NEWSTALK1010 noticed the closure Friday morning at Kingston Road and Main St., and after inquiring with the city, a bylaw officer was sent to the scene. 

City of Toronto communications advisor Eric Holmes says the developer did have a permit to work, but not close off the walkway. 

"The developer was illegally obstructing the sidewalk and so the first thing they did was ask them to get it back into normal, safe and passable order," he said, which the developer did immediately. 

The officer also issued violations for failure to comply with permit conditions and cause of dangerous condition. 

"I'm not sure what the thinking was," Holmes said. "The most important thing is that we got the sidewalk opened and it's safe and passable again and the developer was reminded that they shouldn't be doing those things."
Past incidents of unauthorized closures have happened before and on the condo side, there may be changes coming to authorized ones as well. 

City staff is mulling over potentially automatically denying condo developers the ability to block a sidewalk, car or bike lane, unless there's an exceptional reason to allow it.