Don't be this guy

Red headlights on your car not only look weird, but they're illegal.

Provincial Police tweeted out a warning after a 26-year-old man was pulled over on Mayfield Road and Heart Lake Road in Caledon on Wednesday morning.

"The problem with the red lights is that people can confuse them with a police vehicle or an emergency vehicle, and that could be someone either impersonating, or trying to get through traffic a little easier," says OPP Constable Ian Michel.

The driver of the black BMW admitted he'd been stopped recently and ticketed for having the improper headlights, but never got them changed.

"What he's going to have to do is pay to have those headlights changed, plus the ticket, which would be in excess of 500 dollars, since he's already been convicted in the past," says Constable Michel.

The officer warns people to check on google or even call a police detatchment before making changes to your car, to ensure it's on the up and up.

“This is one of many modifications – tinted headlight covers, tinted plate covers, aftermarket mufflers – that may look good but are illegal pieces of equipment,” he said.